Are you a masochist? Do you love a good puzzle? 

You will find this hairball of mental torture here. You can also find it under downloads. 

Be the first to solve it and send in the 1 word answer. We will publish the first 10 solver's names on this page.

Randy Enger submitted a winning solution at 6PM on Feb 14. Congratulations. His puzzle solving team of 3 solved 9 of the 12 lists and that was enough for them to figure it out. Who is next?

#1 Randy Enger

#2 ???

There are no rules. You can use any resource and cheat in any way you like to solve the puzzle. Give it to that genius next door who works at MIT or give it to your sister-in-law who thinks she is so smart. Solve as a team or bribe the author. 

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