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This page will provide a list of past commissioners of EMASS and significant changes/improvements that were made. We plan to publish an initial set of history pages in January of 2018. If anyone wants to contribute or provide feedback, contact the web team


CommissionerTerm of ServiceEMASS Evolution
Bill Maurhoff1995Founded EMASS.
Mark Waldron1996-1999Grew National division from 4 teams to 8 teams.
Tom Comparato2000-2002Started the American division in 2001.
Jerry Levin2003-2004Grew National division and American division to 6 teams each.
Stu Gray2005-2010Started Atlantic division and grew the weekday league to 10 teams.
Steve Goldstein2011-2012Started the Metro division.
Jim Boice2013-2014Grew Metro division to 6 teams.
Rob Mitchell2015-2017Started Pacific division.